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Democrats and the Fairness Doctrine

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Knowing that they cannot compete on the merits of their ideas, Democrats love to try to silence the competition. Why is it that it is the Republicans that always get accused of censorship? Rush Limbaugh explains it this way: Bring it on! Pelosi and the Democrats are resurrecting The Fairness Doctrine to shut up Rush. […]

Bad Climate “Science”

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The subheading to Joel Schwartz’s article on National Review about global warming science sums both the article and the issue up nicely: The ideology goes in before the science goes on. Assume that human greenhouse-gas emissions are causing dangerous changes in the Earth’s climate. What should we do about it? Public debate on climate change […]

Was There Death Before Sin?

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I have written a new article responding to Rich Deem’s rebuttal of the young earth creationist argument that there was no death before the Fall on If you’re interested, the article is here. Here’s a short excerpt: For many years now I have enjoyed the articles on At the time of this essay […]

Start calling ’em French fries again

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Maybe we’ve confused the French with the French media. The election of pro-America Nicolas Sarkozy to the presidency of France shows that the French people don’t hate us as much as our media would like us to believe. Yep, it’s time to start ordering “French” fries again (not that I ever called ’em “Freedom” fries). […]

More ingratitude

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By now, everyone knows about the thwarted terror attack in New Jersey. This is yet another example of ingratitude toward American kindness. Michelle Malkin has a column on National Review today describing some of the kindness extended to Muslims by the United States and Fort Dix, in particular: Well, here is the thanks we get. […]

A letter to the Global Church from the Protestant Church of Smyrna

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On April 18, 2007 several members of the “religion of peace” tortured, disemboweled and slit the throats of three Christians in Turkey. I’m a little late in writing about this, because I just learned of it recently. We prayed for the families of the martyrs at church today. The Protestant Church of Smyrna has asked […]

Judaism and gun control

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Much has been written on gun rights from a Christian perspective. I don’t have anything to add to the discussion. I did, however, come across an interesting look at the issue from a Jewish perspective. I agree with what Shlomo Yaffe has written wholeheartedly. I despise guns, particularly handguns, as the only possible use for […]

America, Saving Muslim Women’s Lives

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The US media loves to report alleged abuses by American soldiers, but Fred Thompson provides a list of several honorable deeds performed by the US military on behalf of Muslims in an article on NRO: I doubt, for example, that our television networks have spent as much time exposing the horrors of life for millions […]

Palestinian leader: ‘Kill every American and Jew’

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Why are we providing aid to these people? To make them like us? I’m sorry, but if we dropped support for them all together, I’m afraid their feelings toward us couldn’t get any worse. What’s the point? Yeah, yeah, I know: Give expecting nothing in return. Well, I want to see some gratitude from these […]

Walking Her Home

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Just thought I’d introduce a nice song I heard on net radio. It’s a song called “Walking Her Home” by Mark Schultz. You can listen to the whole song at Update: They’re playing a different song on the website now. It is available on YouTube, though. Looking back He sees it all It was […]