Abortion: The Forgotten Victims

by Ellen Williams

The abortion debate has raged for many years in this country. Most of the rhetoric is familiar, but there are some aspects of the controversy that seldom get mentioned.

One forgotten victim in the abortion debate is the woman who chooses this "easy" solution to her difficult problem. She can, and often does, suffer from a variety of physical and/or emotional problems. This common condition is now called "Post Abortion Syndrome." Symptoms include guilt, anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide, re-experience of the abortion, anniversary syndrome, which is an increase in pain and other symptoms on the anniversary of the abortion or on the baby's due date. Additional symptoms are interruption of the bonding process with present and/or future children, survival guilt, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, promiscuity and other self-punishing or self-degrading behaviors.

Carol Everett, a former abortion provider, confesses that one in 500 women were "killed or maimed" in her abortion clinics1. Approximately 1,500,000 abortions are performed in this country annually. If her experience is typical, 3,000 women are seriously injured or killed by abortion every year.

When the abortion-sellers tell women they have "freedom of choice" they are only telling them half the truth. These women are not told what they may suffer as a result of their choice. There are always consequences to choices. We can choose to take a given action, but we cannot choose the consequence of that action. That is beyond our control.

Another result of the abortion movement is an increase in child abuse. In the first ten years after the legalization of abortion in America, child abuse increased over 500 percent2. Studies indicate that child abuse is more frequent among mothers who have previously had an abortion3.

When a mother chooses abortion, she forces herself to repress every natural instinct God gave her to nurture, love and protect her own child. The attitude that results in abortion is exactly the same attitude that results in child abuse. The logic, whether conscious or unconscious, is inescapable - if it was all right to kill this baby before birth, how can it be wrong to hurt him now?

Of the 5,000 children killed in this country each year, 95 percent are killed by one or both of their parents4. Once the child-abuse mentality grips a society, it does not restrict itself to one group of children. If preborn children are not safe, neither are born children. The following is one woman's story about her decision to have an abortion.

The doctor said 'a little fluid out and some fluid injected, severe cramps, then the fetus is expelled.' That isn't what it was. I felt my girl thrash around for an hour and a half till she died a slow death. I had hard labor for 12 hours and delivered my daughter myself. She was beautiful…but dead at 5 ˝ months. No one ever told me I would live with this decision for the rest of my life. It's been several years, but my grief continues."5

There's a war going on. Casualty figures are close to 30 million, with more dying every day. And we're losing, because most of us don't even show up for the battle.

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