The Civilized Approach to Murder

by Rush Limbaugh

America takes a lot of heat from Europe over the way we deal with criminals, especially murderers, and our Press loves to report the criticism. Note the media's wall to wall coverage of Europe's trashing of our uncivilized death penalty during President Bush's Europe trip.

Now, for contrast I give you the European version. The enlightened approach to dealing with murderers - maybe we can learn something. The British government has announced the imminent release of two killers. When they were ten years old, John Venebles and Robert Thompson kidnapped a two year old from a shopping center, tortured him and then killed him. They're now eighteen.

Upon release both murderers will be assigned new Social Security numbers. They'll be given new bank accounts and ID cards, new birth certificates and invented pasts. Further, by order of the high court, the news media is forbidden to reveal details about where the murderers live, what they look like, or anything about their new identities or post-custody lives - no pictures either.

The killers will, however, be on lifetime probation. British Home Secretary David Blunket explained in a letter to Parliament that the killers aren't really free. If they present a risk to the public they can be recalled to custody. Now given all of this, I hope you learned something here folks. Ten year olds "here" kill a teacher, they sit out a life sentence. Ten year olds in Europe murder a two year old, and after a few years they get government ordered new IDs and freedom from the Press. That, my friends, is the civilized approach to murder. Ha, Ha.

From Rush's "Morning Update." Tuesday, June 26, 2001.